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Applied Calculus Placement Test

Dear Student,

Welcome to the Applied Calculus Placement Test! Please read all of the following carefully.
This placement test is for the Applied Precalculus/Applied Calculus sequence, which is taken primarily by Business majors. If you are looking for the placement test for Math 10524 Calculus I, primarily taken by science and engineering majors, please see the Calculus I placement test page.

MATH 10273/10283 Placement:

This test aims to help you succeed in TCU’s Applied Precalculus/Applied Calculus sequence by ensuring that you start off in the course that is right for you. Unlike most of the tests you’ll take at TCU, the goal of the placement test is not for you to pass it but rather to help us best determine if you are ready for MATH 10283 Applied Calculus. After taking the test, regardless of your score, if you do not feel completely comfortable with the material that was tested, you should consider taking MATH 10273 Applied Precalculus (which will count for elective credit toward any major at TCU). A test score below the cutoff is a clear indication that you are not ready for MATH 10283 at this point in time, and you must enroll in MATH 10273 first. Without the requisite background, you may have poor outcomes in MATH 10283. The MATH 10273/10283 sequence is designed specifically to help you achieve success toward your planned TCU degree program. 

Passing the placement test will not result in earning credit for any course at TCU.

If you have scored at least 600 on the math section of the SAT test or at least 24 on the math portion of the ACT test, you may register for MATH 10283 without taking the placement test. However, we recommend you take the placement test to get a better sense of your preparation. You will still be allowed to enroll in MATH 10283 regardless of your placement test score if you have met the SAT/ACT criteria.  

If you have taken MATH 10273 at TCU and earned a grade below a C-, you will not be permitted to place into Math 10283 via the placement test. In this case you must retake Math 10273, or an equivalent transfer course, and earn at least a C- in order to enroll in Math 10283.

For any questions about TCU Math placement or test credits, please visit our placement web site or contact us.


Exam Contents:

  • This placement test will be one hour and will test you on the following topics:
    • exponential and logarithmic laws and properties
    • algebraic equations and inequalities, factoring, simplifying
    • functions (function notation, graphs, domains, composition, asymptotes, zeros and intercepts)
    • slopes and equations of lines
    • operations on rational expressions
  • You may study in advance for the placement test, but it is important that you take the test without notes or other references.
  • A simple calculator may be used for arithmetic computations, if needed, but graphing calculators are not allowed.

Taking the Exam:

  • All questions will be multiple choice, so you may take the test on any browser, including your phone, though you will need scratch paper to work out the problems.
  • Once the test begins, closing or refreshing your browser tab will prevent you from submitting your answers.
  • Once you have registered you will be sent an email with a link to begin the placement test. Once you click the link you will have 60 minutes to take the test.
  • To register, you will need to enter your TCU email address. If you have not yet set up your TCU email account, please do the following:
    • After obtaining your TCU ID number, go to to create your account.  You will select your user name and e-mail address during this process.
  • If you have accommodations for extra time on exams as verified by the TCU Student Access and Accommodation office, you may be eligible for extra time on the placement test. If you believe this is the case, please contact us before starting your placement test.
  • The placement test can only be taken once each semester. If you have taken the placement test prior to enrollment for a previous semester and need to take it again this semester, please contact us. If you have taken MATH 10273 at TCU and earned a grade below a C- (including NC), you are not eligible to place into Math 10283 using the placement test – you must retake Math 10273.
  • If you encounter any difficulties while taking the placement test, please contact us or call 817-257-7335 during business hours. If you experience technical issues, please make sure to document them as completely as possible.

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